Nerd Love: Around the World

Nerd Love: Around the World

I decided to share a little bit of my love story–a story that stretches all around the world to Asia. It may not be that special or unusual to any of you reading it but it’s ours and we are proud of it.

I was always a bit nerdy. I made really good grades in elementary and high school. I was awarded a prestigious academic scholarship to a university where I graduated with honors. I became a chemical engineer and material/financial success soon followed. Life was really good and I was very comfortable in terms of money.

But my love life wasn’t that great at all. Remember–I was (and maybe still am) what many would call a “nerd.” I have grown out of that and become more comfortable in my own skin, but my relationships with women were awkward during my younger years.

And thus lies the problem–while most of my friends were finding love and getting married, I was still alone. I did (finally) start dating a little bit in my 20’s, but I was still focused on work. And I was kind of disappointed with the immaturity of many of the girls I went out with. It seems like they just wanted to party instead of really finding a husband and start a family.

This hit-and-miss dating went on for over a decade until I reached my 30’s. By the time I was in my late thirties I felt like the prospects just got slimmer and slimmer. More of the women I encountered were divorced, and I kind of wanted to marry someone who’d never been married before.

That’s when I started thinking about looking for love somewhere besides the West. I had traveled to Singapore and Thailand as part of my job and I noticed the beauty of Asian women (especially Southeast Asia). I had heard that women in the Philippines are not only beautiful, but good English.

So I approached this in kind of an analytical way (I’m an Engineer, remember). I started doing research about how to meet women in the Philippines. I found this site about Filpina dating and it had a great deal of helpful advice. After looking around a little more I decided to join the dating site he recommended.

It didn’t take long for me to meet an absolutely incredible young lady. She was in her early 20’s, college educated, dedicated to her faith, and incredibly mature. It was really nice to talk to someone so young and beautiful who really wanted to find a good man and get married. It was nothing like what I had experienced dating here in the West.


We talked online almost every day for a few weeks before I decided to go meet her in person. My family and friends were kind of surprised by my decision and were even afraid I’d get kidnapped over there. But I assured them I had studied this carefully and had a good idea of what I was getting into.

My trip to the Philippines was wonderful, and the young woman I had been chatting with was a delight to be around. I even decided to meet her family so that they would know I had good intentions. I decided during my week there that I wanted to spend my life with her, so I proposed before leaving to come back. I didn’t have a ring but promised I’d have one ready for her once she came to my country.

We started the visa process, which took about 6 months or so. She eventually moved here and we are very happy. And yes–I did fulfill my promise to give her a ring.

We may even move to the Philippines or at least spend certain seasons of the year there, but that’s something we are still thinking about.